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Just Listed to Just Sold: 3 Tips for a Successful Sale
June 26, 2014, 11:14 pm
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Attracting the Homebuyer: Three Biggest Turn-Ons
June 19, 2014, 12:10 am
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Amie Hathaway - RE/MAX Realty Findlay

Homebuyer Turn-OnsA recent article from Realty Times outlined the three biggest turn-ons for today’s homebuyer:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Space
  • Updates

With these three things in mind, how can you maximize your home’s potential appeal in a competitive market? Here’s some tips and ideas to get you started.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is essential, it’s your home’s first impression on a potential buyer.  Take a walk outside and look at your home through buyer’s eyes.  Are there obvious repairs that need made?  Is paint peel or chipping in places?  Does the home present a well-cared for look?  Pay attention to the details.  The drive-by showing is one of the first showings your home will have, so what can you do to make your home look it’s best? Some quick first steps include:

  • Sweep the driveway, walkways and porch
  • Clean up the yard and gardens so that everything is look fresh and well-maintained
  • Add…

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Are you maintaining your wood floors?
June 19, 2014, 12:10 am
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ServiceMaster Total Restoration Services

woodfloors1Unfortunately, our homes don’t come with owners’ manuals. Many homeowners may not know how to maintain their homes, including their hardwood floors.

Did you know that wood floors should be professionally cleaned either every year or every three to five years depending on the type of cleaning you select? Having wood floors professionally cleaned repairs wear and tear from pets, spills, traffic, shoes and furniture and extends the life of your floors.

Professional cleaning is a less costly alternative to sanding and refinishing floors. ServiceMaster Clean® offers two levels of cleaning with our WoodGlo™ Cleaning System. WoodGlo Level 1 removes dirt, debris, grease, hair, soil, dust and built-up residue to brighten the appearance of your floors. Level 1 cleaning is recommended every six to 12 months. In addition to removing dirt and debris, WoodGlo Level 2 helps conceal cracks and scratches, helps protect floors from everyday wear and tear and…

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Don’t Leave Home Without…
June 19, 2014, 12:07 am
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Amie Hathaway - RE/MAX Realty Findlay

Planning a summer trip is usually focused on what you’ll do, see and experience.  Enjoy it even more by spending a little time before you leave to make sure your home is safe while you’re gone.

Home Security on VacationConsider these suggestions along with your other normal efforts:

  • Tell your neighbors you’ll be out of town and to be aware of any unusual activity.
  • Notify your alarm company.
  • Discontinue your postal delivery.
  • Use timers on interior lights to make it appear you’re home as usual.
  • Don’t make it easy for burglars by leaving messages on voice mail or posting on social networks.
  • Post on social networks about your vacation after you’ve returned.
  • Remove the hidden spare keys and give one to a trusted neighbor or friend.
  • Lock everything, double-check and set the alarm.
  • Take pictures of your belongings in case you need them.
  • Disconnect TVs and other equipment in case of unexpected power…

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Keys to Selling Your House when Sales Are Slow
June 12, 2014, 10:30 pm
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Audra McMahon

1. Price your home aggressively. When mortgage rates are low and buyers are chasing too few houses for sale, sellers can ask high prices and get them. Even when houses are overpriced for the market, sellers are likely to receive some offers, as buyers are often desperate to find a home that meets their needs.

But, when things are slow, pricing is absolutely critical. But instead of pricing your home aggressively high, you should consider pricing your home no higher than the middle of the range for homes comparable to yours. And if you need to sell your home quickly, you should consider pricing your home among in the bottom 25 percent of comparable homes. Why? With few buyers chasing many homes, you need to quickly get the attention of those who are serious about buying. If your home is priced too high, you many never get buyers to even…

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8 Great Tips for Clearing out Clutter
June 12, 2014, 10:27 pm
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Homeshred UK

Moving house? Having a Spring Clean? Whatever your reason for clearing out the clutter, here are some excellent guidelines to make sure you stay on track.

1 If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, get rid

When rifling through your wardrobe you may come across that stunning glittery jacket with shoulder pads that looked absolutely fabulous back in the 80s. But really, if you haven’t worn it since then you can live without it…

2 Hold a car boot sale

Getting up at 5am and stocking your car with all of your old junk may not sound like the best way to spend a Sunday. However, doing a car boot sale can be less painful than throwing things away that you might feel still have some value.

3 Little and often

If it feels like a mega task that needs to be conquered, then why not take care of…

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Hidden Things to Look For Before Buying a House
June 12, 2014, 10:26 pm
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Wendy Knows Westfield

Over the years I’ve witnessed home buyers just breezily walking through a home, checking bricks with textout the great whirlpool tub, gawking at the custom cabinetry in the kitchen, and inspecting the view from the back porch.  While all of these are great they are merely the “fluff” things on a house.  What you need to be looking for are the things that end up costing you an arm and a leg in the future.  And yes an inspector will more than likely be following up with an inspection it is always a good idea to be your own advocate in order to avoid paying later.  Here are a few of the often overlooked items and places in a house that you will want to focus on when you go home shopping.

* Heating and air conditioning systems:  With the repairs running into the $100’s and replacements into the $1,000’s it is…

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