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Meet the owner!
October 20, 2012, 2:20 pm
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“I’m Jay, the owner and founder of Utah Pipebursting. I have been doing trenchless pipebursting in Utah since 2001 and have completed over five hundred sewer lateral and sewer main replacements for both residential and commercial properties. I have worked in the sewer and trenchless industries since 1993 and in construction trades for over 30 years.


Utah Pipebursting’s method of sewer lateral / sewer main replacement is a no-dig trenchless technology that is non-destructive to your yard or landscaping. By making a small incision like hole next to your home, usually 3 foot by 5 foot, Utah Pipebursting can save your yard, landscaping, driveway and structures. We at Utah Pipebursting take the extra precaution of covering your grass with a poly tarp and plywood before beginning to work so there are no “track marks” or dirt and rocks in your grass.

When dealing with underground or trenchless sewer line replacement it is extremely important that your contractor is experienced. Many utilities are buried in the road, park strip, under the sidewalk and even on your property. Knowing the possible dangers and how to avoid them should not be learned on your property and at the expense of your landscaping.

What I bid is what you pay. Everytime.”

— Jay Garrett


Pipe Bursting saves time and money!
October 14, 2012, 5:04 am
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Here are two great examples of how our method of replacing pipe saves money and time!


Jay [owner of Utah Pipebursting] was able to replace a broken sewer pipe that ran under our house. With a traditional pipe replacement, we would have had to move out while the flooring and subfloor were pulled up and holes drilled into the foundation to replace the pipe, and new cement poured. This would have disrupted our heating system as well. The costs associated were rising astronomically when our insurance agent suggested we check with Jay to see if he could help us. Jay was able to come out the next day, assess the situation and come up with a plan of action. His work allowed us to remain in our home and the pipe replacement was completed shortly. Trenchless pipe replacement saved us thousands of dollars and many weeks.

Shawn Meldrum:

When our sewer line kept getting blocked the plumber sent a camera down the line and we found out that the line had collapsed near the road. He suggested we talk to Jay at Utah Pipebursting and I’m really glad he did. Jay was out the next day to give us an estimate. He scheduled the day and when he was going to be slightly delayed and couldn’t get a hold of us by phone he made the extra effort of driving out to our house to tell us. Even though we have a fairly long sewer line the whole project was done in around 7 hours which was really nice. When they were done, you would hardly know that they had been there. Our landscaping was left in place and now we have a brand new line that should last for a long long time without the problems of roots that we have had year after year.

How does pipe bursting work?
October 6, 2012, 9:48 pm
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Rather than digging a large trench and going down to the pipe and replacing it, we cut a small hole next to your house and use our machinery to pull a new flexible pipe through the existing pipe. As it is pulled through, your old pipe is broken apart. The new pipe will not break or be compromised by tree roots.

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